In the Community


Addicted To Yoga believes that being part of the community means participating and contributing in positive ways. We thrive in the arms and heart of our Community! With much dedication, we live to create an environment that unites. Our Community program offers Free yoga classes to those that serve our country in the Armed Forces, to low-income families and support groups throughout the Inland Empire. 
We work closely with many non-profit organizations offering individualized private yoga classes as well as group classes for their collective growth. We raise money, awareness and support. We also partner with for-profit businesses, believing these relationships enhance your enjoyment of our events, workshops or celebrations. We encourage partnership. If you’re interested in doing business with us, please leave a message with one of our friendly Yoga Advisors.
Also, don’t be surprised to see your teachers and fellow students out and about shopping, getting a bite to eat or just enjoying the fountains and the music! If you see us, come up and say hi! We love meeting new friends and reacquainting with old ones!