Skinny Champ Program


Healthy Living Video to get you started!


The ADDCITED TO YOGA Skinny Champ program is an accountability program where you are given the opportunity to be paired up with an instructor at the studio to successfully fulfill your health goals.

Your chosen instructor will become your mentor you discuss, design and execute a health oriented program that you can look forward to. If you are working towards or would like to see success in the areas of weight loss, a healthier life style, eating habits, healthy shopping and preparing of meals, theis is the program for you!

The instructor will outline the classes that pair up with the program and your unique goals. A variety of recipes will be shared with you as well as we accompany and guide you through this journey.

We’re excited to help you make some beneficial decisions about your health and life and we’re glad you are not only seeking accountability and support to help you stay on track, but that you’ve chosen us in this most important journey! We’re ready. Let’s go!