Getting Started



Welcome and Namaste. We know it can be disorienting and a bit intimidating to enter a yoga studio for the first time, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner. These guidelines are designed to help you feel comfortable on your first, 20th or 100th visit! We want you to come back again and again!

At Addicted to Yoga your first class is FREE for all southern California residents. Here is how you can get started…

You do not need to preregister for a class online. Our schedule is available online and after you have experienced you first class with us you will have the option for online pre-registration if you choose. If you have one of our special offers, you will need to redeem it in person at one of our locations.

Choose a studio

You can visit our studio in Chino Hills, located at the corner of Roswell and Grand Avenues at the 71 freeway or the studio in Rancho Cucamonga on Foothill at Rochester, behind the 4 Point Sheraton One half mile away from the 15 freeway and Victoria Gardens.

Choose  a class (The levels are as follows):

Level 0 – Suitable for beginning students who are brand new to yoga, have not been active in the last 6+ months, have been cleared by a medical doctor to exercise after an injury, are pregnant, or are unsure if yoga is right for you.

All Meditation classes are considered level 0 since it requires minimal physical exertion and maximum mental exertion.

Level 1 – Suitable for beginners who have been active in the last 6 months, yoga students interested in toning and overall physical fitness. Prenatal students are able to attend these classes after being cleared to do so by a beginning Level 0 instructor.

Level 1-2 – Suitable for intermediate to advanced yoga students already familiar with the flow and some of the many poses in yoga. Also for those who have practiced for longer than 6 months.  Beginners are not recommended to start with these classes.

To Note

It is important to us that you experience your first class with no obligation to commit but to relax and focus on enjoying the experience. 

Talk with our Front Desk Yogis for help selecting the class that’s right for you. Once you have selected a class, come in 15 minutes before the class starts to orient yourself with the studio, singing in process, restrooms, props and room where class will be held.

When you arrive, please sign in at the front desk. Our friendly Front Desk Yoga Advisors, or front desk staff, will be able to guide you through the getting started process and can properly welcome you, show you where to store your shoes and other belongings, the location of the full size restrooms and in which room your class will be held. It is important to know that shoes are removed prior to entering the Yoga rooms in order to maintain cleanliness and consideration for the Yoga Space and your fellow Yogis.

You can bring your own yoga mat, or we do provide them free of charge for your use. We make our own environmentally friendly natural cleacing solutions from doTERRA brand Essential Oils for you to wipe down the mat before and after use. We also provide any necessary props, water, hot tea and towels. If class has not yet started, feel free to enjoy our courtyard area where you can drink some tea, mingle with other students and relax for a few moments before your class starts. Please make sure to inform the instructor or the front desk staff of any pre-existing conditions or if you are pregnant prior to the start of class. 

It is best to practice on an empty stomach, drink plenty of water before class to remain hydrated through your practice. It is recommended to drink water before and after but not during your practice so the body stays warm throughout your entire practice. If there are other conditions necessary for water consumption, such as pregnancy, please keep your water in the room and drink as you feel comfortable. 

Commit to at least 5 classes before you decide if Yoga is right for you, that way you get the full benefits of the practice before making a decision. The more often you practice, the more benefits will come. Addicted to Yoga is a community Yoga studio and we welcome everyone in a positive, safe, friendly, and fun environment no matter your level or capabilities. Once Yoga happens to you, it happens forever.