200 Hour Program


Addicted To Yoga’s 200 Hour In Depth Yoga Study and Teacher Training Program is ideal for students of yoga looking to advance their practice and further their experience in teaching. The Level II training gets you 200 hours of Yoga Alliance Certification. This level of training is only available for those who have completed and passed the level I certification or given approval prior to beginning the 200 Hour Program. Mentoring hours begin immediately and students will begin to teach their own class. You will learn to teach a well-organized yoga class with the assistance of a senior instructor. As you work privately with a mentor, your teaching skills will be cultivated as you assist in classes, practice your ability to see students’ bodies, and offer modifications and hands-on adjustments to students. Your study in the 200 Hour Program will also be built during the small group meetings with a senior instructor and the other students taking part in the program. This offers you the ability to share questions and insight as you discuss issues and address questions related to your journey in teaching yoga. During the eight week program your training as a teacher will be solidified. Through completion of this training program, you can receive your Yoga Alliance Certification through Yoga Alliance separately for $65. As a student in this program you are offered free unlimited yoga for the three month duration of your Teacher Training Program. You are also given the flexibility to make up any lecture hours missed due to conflict during the next Teacher Training Program cycle. Addicted To Yoga’s Teacher Training Program gives you the proper tools to take with you to teach yoga, and approximately 80 percent of Addicted To Yoga’s staff has come from this very Teacher Training Program.

Level II (additional 100 Hours)

-          Cost: $650

-          Includes:

o   Textbooks and Reading Material

o   8 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga

o   Lecture Materials