In Depth Yoga Study


We offer both 100 and 200 hour level teacher training programs at our facility. Here is how the 100 hour program works:

-         40 Hours of Lecture

-         20 Hours of Personal Practice

-         20 Hours of Personal Study

-         20 Hours of Mentoring/Teaching

During the Lecture hours, we offer an In Depth Yoga Study & Teacher Training Program that lasts over the course of 8 weeks allowing students to dive into the inner works of Ashtanga Yoga. The program is offered every two months and on the weekends. Each weekend will consist of lecture, asana practice, detailed alignment, hands on adjustment, sequencing, observing and mentoring, anatomy and physiology, healthy eating, and a view into specialty yoga classes. The In Depth Yoga Study is open to all that are interested in learning more about yoga. Those who are not particularly interested in teaching yoga can take this program to increase and broaden their knowledge about the Ashtanga Yoga System and improve their practice. A detailed view of each asana is learned and applied to your individual practice.

Both teacher training programs will get you a certificate from Addicted To Yoga to teach, and advancing on to Teacher Training Level II will allow you to register with Yoga Alliance.

The Teacher Training Program offered at Addicted To Yoga is different than other teaching programs because we are focused and committed to making you a teacher. Approximately 80 percent of our teachers at Addicted To Yoga have been trained under our Teacher Training Program.

Our Teacher Training policies are also very flexible. Lectures can easily be made up, free of charge. All students participating in this program also have access to unlimited yoga during the 8 weeks of training. We offer this to Teacher Training students in order to provide you with the opportunity to keep up with your personal practice and your mentoring hours as your schedule allows.

If you are interested, please contact Addicted To Yoga online, by phone or drop by in person. Space is limited to twelve new applicants per program.


All students of yoga and aspiring teachers can take this course.

Level I (100 Hours)


o   Textbooks and Reading Material

o   8 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga

o   Teacher Training Manual

o   Lecture Materials

o   Certificate of Completion

Level II (additional 100 Hours)

-         Cost: $650

-         Includes:

o   Textbooks and Reading Material

o   8 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga

o   Lecture Materials