Schedule Of Training

Addicted To Yoga's 100 and 200* hour Teacher Training Programs are offered at all locations! 

Below are the dates for the next round of Teacher Training.  Please come in to the studio or call 909-590-1189 to reserve your spot or for more detailed information. Begin this life changing journey today!

2015/2016 - 100 hour, 200* hour Yoga and PilatesTeacher Training Sessions:

TT Session #5-2015: Sunday, August 30th - Sunday October 25th 
Beginning August 30th, all training sessions will include BOTH Yoga and PILATES (to include pilates reformers!!) training.

TT Session #6-2015: FALL INTENSIVE!! 200 hour training
Tuesday, November 3rd - Sunday December 13th

2016 Training Schedule:  All sessions will include yoga and pilates!!
2016 TT Session #1: Sunday, Jan 3rd - Sunday Feb 21st
2016 TT Session #2: Sunday, Feb 28th - Sunday April 24th
2016 TT Session #3: Sunday, May 1st - Sunday, June 26th
2016 TT Summer Intensive: Tuesday, July 5th - Sunday, July August 14th
2016 TT  Session #5: Sunday, August 28th - Sunday, October 23rd
2016 TT Fall Intensive: Tuesday, November 1st - Sunday, December 11th


100 or 200* hours in either Yoga or Pilates training

-          *provided you have completed the first 100 hours

·         Current Schedule of training:

-          Chino Studio: Sundays ~ 9:00a – 3:00p

-          Rancho Studio: Sundays ~ 8:00a –2:00p

-          Intensive: Tue and Thu ~ 5p-10p and Sundays (schedule same as above)

-          Blackout dates or changes to days and times will be discussed at the first class.  Please make the appropriate plans to be in attendance on Day #1 - unless otherwise discussed with Training Leader

Contact us at 909-590-1189 for more information or to reserve a space in our Teacher Training Program! All levels of students are welcome!

Reserve your spot today - price subject to increase January 2016!!